For 6 years of work, we managed

Become the market leader in container transportation in the Moscow region

We do not stop there.
Currently, a wide range of transport and storage services are available to our customers.

Head for continuous growth

Over the 5 years of work, we managed to travel more than 70 000 000 kilometers , process 336 525 applications for transportation and increase the customer base by 24 times

Complete your fleet

All transportation we carry out on our own, without involving third parties.

Assemble a team of professionals

We create all conditions for effective work.
Each of our employee takes an active part in solving the main tasks of the company.

Operational and reliable logistics

Ready to accept and submit Your order 24/7
Transported 138 763 containers
227 cars owned
We carry out a range of services for the storage and processing of goods
We inform you about the status of the cargo by sms and email
Operational workflow
The cargo path is continuously monitored in your account

Discuss collaboration

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