Services of automobile cargo transportation in Moscow

"Loginof" is your trusted logistics partner.

Within 6 years of work we have covered more than 70,000,000 kilometers, completed 336,525 requests for transportation and increased our client base by 24 times. We have a team of professionals that shows successful business results even in the times of crisis, and today we can guarantee our clients:

Нigh-quality services of the reception, container transportation and delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities of Russia.
Additional cargo delivery in 40-foot containers from the regions to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg
Transportation of small tonnage in Moscow and Moscow Region by cars on a one-time and a regular basis 
Container release, speedup of its acceptance and transportation costs reduction 
Professional freight forwarding from handing over to a shipping company to delivery 
Сooperation with key freight forwarders in Russia and the CIS countries.

Advantages of working with "Loginof":

  • We are ready to accept and send your order 24/7
  • 227 cars owned
  • We inform you about the delivery status via sms and e-mail
  • Fast electronic workflow
  • Your cargo is constantly tracked in your personal account

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Advantages of working with us

Regular destinations

We inform our clients about the date of container delivery to the region, its type and size;
We negotiate the date and time of a container packing;
We negotiate the terms of payment.

Low cost

Although the carrying capacity of a sea container is less than a eurotruck’s: 67 instead of 82 cbm and 24 instead of 33 pallets, but the main part of the carriage has already been paid.

Flexible payment arrangements

The group of companies has the ability to work with VAT, with VAT 0 and VAT excluded.

Carrier liability insurance

We are insured by a policy of public liability insurance for a total amount of 10 million rubles.

Cargo security

Each truck is equipped with additional anti-burglar lock on the container door and the drivers are trained to work with cargoes valuable to criminals.

Fast document management

Document copies are available on the next business day. Original documents are sent within 7 calendar days. Road transportation to Moscow is carried out on a regular basis. We are interested in constant additional cargo delivery along this traffic route, as well as in delivery from cities of the central part of Russia to Moscow and St. Petersburg.


We provide our clients with the opportunity to control the transportation through the personal account, to receive notification messages about cargo arrival and to be consulted by specialists using our free phone number


Our liability as a carrier is insured for 10,000,000 rubles


Cooperation with railway terminal managers helped us to reduce the time for solving logistical issues.

High quality standards

All transportations are provided using our own resources. Each member of our team takes personal responsibility for the quality at all stages of working with the client.

Stages of work
We accept the request (import)

We inform the client about the container arrival;
We draw up documents at the terminal and pay for station services.
We coordinate delivery
We confirm delivery date and time with the receiver;
We deliver container to a warehouse;
We confirm the delivery date for the empty container.

Original documents

Document copies are available on the next business day. Original documents are sent within 3 calendar days.

We accept the request (export)

We take an empty container from the stock by container number or release number;

Экран мобильного телефона
We deliver the container for packing;

We will seal it if necessary;
We deliver the container to the railway station / port / terminal.

Document management

By agreement with the client we complete the paperwork and hand over original documents for the cargo.

We inform the client about all the stages of transportation.

Road container transportation can be made "up to the brim" and in the middle of the container platform. The specialists of our company will advise you the most suitable method of transportation and fastening in case of non-standard conditions.
We carry out regular trucking across Vorsino. In this direction, we are currently actively expanding the fleet of container ships, in connection with the increase in customer freight traffic. Track the movement of the container with the cargo along its route: Through the Personal Account on the website.
We provide regular trucking across Vorsino. In this direction, we currently expand the number of container trucks according to the increase of the freight traffic flow.
You can track the container with your cargo along its route using the Personal Account on the website.

How it works

"Loginof" provides cargo transportation in Moscow and the Moscow Region and owns various types of transport for individual customer orders.

  • We accept client’s request where all the basic conditions of transportation are indicated. It is possible to order a car for the same day;
  • We select a vehicle;
  • We confirm the request and send you all necessary information about the driver;
  • We bring the car, strictly observing the declared date and time of the notification or the time interval approved by the client;
  • We swiftly inform our clients about all cases of the schedule break;
  • During the cargo hand over, we make sure that shipping documents are signed correctly;
  • We send the original return documents to the address specified by the client.

How can I track my cargo?

  • Through the Personal Account on the website
  • With the help of a personal manager

Additional services

  • Freight forwarding
  • Safe storage

Cost calculation

Customers can choose from several types of tariffs for commercial cargo transportation in Moscow and the Moscow Region. You can find them on our website in the "Prices" section. Also, to calculate the cost, you can send us a request through the Feedback Form or call the free phone +7 (800) 707-73-18.